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The Bonsai Workshop is back by popular demand


Following the huge demand and success of the first Bonsai Workshop in April, A new 4 week Bonsai Workshop will begin in September (estimated the 21st)

You recieve, a Bonsai Tool Kit, A Beginners Bonsai to work on and keep, A Handmade in Bermuda, Bonsai pot that you can choose the color glaze before repotting.

And the knowledge and confidence to Bonsai new trees on your own. 






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The Bonsai Garden at Fourways Restaurant


We are delighted to announce a very exciting and a first for Bermuda. A permanent Bonsai display, at Fourways Restaurant & Inn, available to view now with the grand opening coming soon, join us.





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Fourways Bonsai Garden before and after

This walled garden was overgrown and tired. The space was not being used and it was time for a change. After completing the Koi Pond area, General Manager Andy, asked me for some ideas for the back walled garden.......  The Bonsai Garden was born. This garden features award winning Bonsai, handmade Bonsai stands, solid granite Japanese lantern posts, Sanjuno-To Pagoda, Nishino lantern and a traditional Tetsu Bachi Basin. Marble gravel calms the entire space, while rocks and planting contrast the incredible central Bonsai display.

The walled garden, then and now

Fourways Koi Pond then and now

The main objective was to clear the area of the overgrowing Mondo grass and add a Bonsai or two however, the pond water was pea green, it hadn't been clear in 20 years. So, the first job was to clear the water. I changed the filters and pumps, added UV clarifiers and today, it is so clear, you can see the bottom! The Mondo grass was removed and a higher rockery was built. The filters were hidden with a removable wooden enclosure. A bespoke Japanese fence was made and installed on the north side to protect the Bonsai from wandering hands, and planters were constructed to replace the old pots that were loitering around the edge of the pond. 3 Bonsai on stands sit alongside the pond edge on the north side, a single Bonsai stands on top of a Bermuda Cedar slice and a Bonsai is situated on top of the filter enclosure

Fourways Koi Pond 

Bonsai Workshop 


4 Session Workshop starting in April (20th or 27th)


At the end of this course, you will own a Juniper Bonsai tree, one of my handmade Bonsai pots (combined value of $475). You will recieve a Bonsai tool kit and the knowledge and understanding to apply these new skills to new trees.

Retail $925.00 per person

Intro offer at only $695.00 per person 

maximum of 12 places

$350.00 deposit. Balance payable by 31st of April

Please hurry!

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About Bonsai Garden Design

“Bon” (dish or thin bowl) “Sai” (tree or other growing plant) The literal translation of Bonsai is “tree in pot”

But what is the meaning of a Bonsai tree? A bonsai tree is a replication of nature, in the form of a miniature tree, without displaying the human intervention too clearly.

Bonsai Garden Design has successfully grown Bonsai trees in Bermuda for the last 8 years. Our Bonsai Specialist has perfected the growing techniques of suitable trees for Bermuda’s climate as well as developing our own Bonsai soil.

We have Bonsai trees for beginners and Bonsai trees for the more advanced enthusiast We also make our own ceramic Bonsai pots that you can personalise, you can even choose the colour!

We offer restyling, re-potting and we can even create a Bonsai from a tree of your own. We also offer an aftercare/maintenance service if required.

Bonsai Garden Design can also advise on how to display your newly purchased Bonsai tree. This could be a one-off Bonsai stand to a full Japanese style Bonsai Garden, including irrigation. We can meet your Bonsai garden design needs.

Our logo is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism meaning circle. It is traditionally drawn using only one brushstroke as a meditative practice of letting go of the mind. It symbolizes enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void. The Enso (circle) symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create. Which is what we do at Bonsai Garden Design.

Whatever your interest is in Bonsai, our in-house bonsai specialist can guide and assist you in choosing the best Bonsai tree for your needs.


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